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Joanna is personable, approachable and no-nonsense. She delivered a high-energy, high-engagement training to our team of 30 members of staff, all of whom came out more confident about their self-defense skills. We have recommended Joanna’s training sessions to everyone we know!


Eva Toth & Louise de Chateauvieux

Co-Heads / Codirectrices

L’Ecole du Parc

I saw Joanna on a few sessions mainly to go over some self-defence and BJJ drills and I have to say she’s got the most amazing personality and she’s the best trainer and teacher in the field I’ve ever come across. Joanna has a gifted teaching ability; She can show a new move once and you just learn in one go!


Nicholas Polo

As someone new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, my partner and I decided to take a private class with Coach Joanna as a way to refine our learning. Joanna's experience and accomplishments speak for themselves, and this was a deciding factor why we chose to train with her. It was fun, relaxed and informal. Joanna is very friendly and down to earth. In a short amount of time, we practised a variety of techniques, including basic breakfalls, technical stand ups, to more advanced techniques like foot sweeps, escapes from the Mount. We even managed to practise a choke hold. All in all, we had a chance to learn a variety of techniques and learn more about body mechanics and real life applications. I can highly recommend training with Joanna and wouldn't hesitate to book another session.

Marcus Yeo

It was fascinating working with Coach Joanna. As a layperson, I found her approach fantastic - she not only covers the techniques in depth, but also explains the rationale and physiology behind them. This was so useful for me as a total beginner to the martial art. I also found myself really thinking about the training afterwards, and wanting to go over the techniques and enhance my muscle memory.

I would totally recommend Coach Joanna to anyone interested in exploring Jiu Jitsu or self defence. It’s a transformative experience.

Rachel Lister

I started training Jiu Jitsu with Joanna about a year ago. Her teaching style is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, she’s passionate, patient, kind, understanding and simplifies the complex practice of Jiu Jitsu so it makes it easy to understand and therefore learn. I developed a passion both for the sport and training from the outset, and I think that’s largely down and thanks to Joanna. She is without a doubt the best teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.

Shelley Ford

Corporate Workshops 

I really enjoyed the section where she taught us about our rights, and how we can legally defend ourselves. Also the simple wrist techniques and how to get out of a situation where somebody may put their arm around your neck etc was super useful because it feels like those situations are more likely to arise in day to day life so it was helpful to learn a few techniques if we ever need get out of a situation like that!


It was brilliant. It was able to empower us woman a lot! Knowing how we don’t need to have ‘strength’ just simple manouvers to get out of a situation. Learning the laws and rights you have in regards to self defence was so beneficial. Especially when working in an industry where we could potentially be vulnerable. The wrist techniques were amazing and the power our legs have.