Self-Defence Workshops




Law with regards to self-defense, including:

  • Understanding reasonable force

  • What and when can be used as a weapon

  • Anxiety and performance


Level 1 – Low level conflict


Level 2 – Medium level conflict


Level 3 – High level conflict

Level 4: Ground control

A large chunk of this self-defence program is based on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) techniques. BJJ is a martial art in which a smaller opponent can have a technical advantage over a bigger adversary by utilising leverage, take downs and choke holds. Jiu Jitsu is also one of very few martial arts that addresses the issue of defence when the fight goes to the ground. When faced with a threat, a physically smaller person is at a strength disadvantage, therefore psychology and smart choices must be employed when defending oneself. 

A great deal of training focuses on awareness, prevention and de-escalation of conflicts - which are the cornerstone of self-defence. 


This program was designed with vulnerable members of public in mind. It is simple yet effective. What helped create this course was years of practical experience, as well as theoretical knowledge and study of law and psychology of self-defence. 

From Mixed Martial Arts we know that the most effective fighting systems are jiu jitsu and thai boxing, which both are mostly addressed in the course.


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